Friday, February 1, 2013

Look what I spotted!

ooooohhhhh...... I popped over to Haute Look today - as I do everyday cause I'm OBSESSED - to see what fabulous lovelies I could wish for  they had today and looky looky looky....

IT'S LIKE THEY READ MY BLOG =) I was just sharing yesterday the wonderment that is The Balm 'Hot Mama!' blush/shadow combo and now it can be yours for a steal of a price!

(I sound like a used car salesman...)

(Not that there is anything wrong with being a used car salesman.. I just mean that I sound like I'm hawking this stuff to you - which I'm not.... I just love it =)  )

(You didn't think that at all and now I've made this mow awkward... Let's move on shall we?) 

The deals that Hautelook has on the whole line of The Balm goodies is A-MAZING!! I've never tried any of the nail polishes but for five smackers it might be worth it! The double sided brushes also look like a blasty blast!

If you are unfamiliar with Haute Look, you should totally check it out!! It is a members only that does limited time sales event (sorta like flash sales) on all sorts of wonders!  If you need an invite, let me know by either leaving a comment or emailing ( ) and I'll shoot you one =)

Happy shopping!!

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