Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Current Cosmetic Obsessions - February

About a month ago I shared some of my current cosmetic obsessions and thought, since the word 'current' implies 'up to date', now might be a good time to share some NEW make up obsessions =)  
I am still completely enamored by the goodies I jabbered about a few weeks ago but have added a couple new lovelies to my stash!

Before I begin...

 ( I know.... longest. lead in. to a blog post. EVER.)

It is important to note that my move to Nashville has left a void in my life called - Ulta.  Granted, there are Sephora's and Cosmetic Market's abound but no Ulta's.  The only one is about an hour away...

Well, because Jesus loves me a whoooole lot my route to Monteagle took me right by said Ulta =)

Cue the Hallelujah chorus =)

I was very focused though and was in an out in a timely manner... I sort of had an idea of the things I needed wanted and knew better than to let myself get sucked into the aisles and aisles and AISLES of fabulous cosmestic goodies.  So, without further adieu, here are the things that followed me home:

*  Ulta Fabulous Face Pressed Powder in Light - Medium

I LOVE this product... the coverage is fabulous and rivals the Pur Minerals products I used to be obsessed with!

* Ulta Baked Bronzer *

Not to sound dramatic (cause that would be sooo out of character) but this may be the most perfect bronzer I have ever found.  I felt like I looked like I just wandered in off the beach....minus the fabulous wind swept hair and bag of gossip magazines.

* Ulta Mineral Blush in Peony *
I'm not usually a big blush wearer and, honestly, before I discovered the wonder that is Hot Mama by The Balm, I was always really uninterested.  Well.  This is a close rival to Hot Mama... I. LOOOVE. IT. Gives the perfect flushed appearance that I was looking for without making me look like I just got popped on the cheeks by someone hostile =)

* Ulta Nail Polish in Boogie Nights *
I can't even express how much I adore this product.... It is a glittery nail polish with a super fun name... that is about all I require =) Seriously though, the coverage is super and it dries uber fast!

*  Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in Sheer Buff *
Ok... I was obsessed with trying this product because a) I love lip plumper and b) I think that Sally Hansen can do no wrong =)  Weeeeeelllllllll..... I am glad I tried it but not sure I can buy it again until they change the brush =) I LOVE the color and the plumping action but the little application brush makes me batty.  Can someone explain to me why they thought that teeny tiny brush was a good idea?

Ok... your turn... what can you not live without?? Don't hold out on me people... I need the info =)

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