Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to we feel about press on nails?

Okey dokey....

So it's getting a tad late here in Nashvegas but I am still awake pondering the deepest concepts in the universe...

And by that I mean that I am thinking long and hard about press on nails.


So 1994 (or so) brought the huuuge trend of Lee Press on Nails.... Example:

Loooovely right?

And I am not going to pretend that I didn't try them out at some point in my angsty preteen years.

Well, fast forward a bit to a converstion I had with a fabulous and - might I add - stylish lady...
I was admiring her fabulous FLORESCENT nail color when she dropped a bomb on me.

The nails were fake - FAKE!

And by "fake" I don't mean glue on but good old fashioned press on nails.
I was speechless - which never happens!

So, I did a little research and it seems like the press on nail trend has rebounded and caught up to 2013

Let me introduce you to our new found friend:

Impress Press On Manicure

They seem SO fabulous and are most definitely not the cheapy plastic of yesteryear!

I haven't PERSONALLY tried them YET but a dear real life AND bloggy friend (Hellllloooo Elly!) did and they were a HIT!!  She is seriously the most style savvy person I know in real life so I trust her opinion without question...She used the super bright pink ones and they were A-MAZING!
I think I stared at her hands (in a non-creepy way? Is that's possible...) most of the day...

A couple fun facts that she shared with moi:

* Buy the short ones... Even the short ones are long and need filing down.

* They were able to come off pretty easily  - which was the part I was worried about! Apparently, the package tells you to put a little nail polish remover around the edges of the nails and let it sit for a few minutes, then peel them off.... She was able to get the off suuuper easily!

So lovelies - have any of you tried them?? Thoughts??

Monday, March 25, 2013

Miscellany Monday - The "I've Been a Slacker" Edition

Well HELLLLO there friends.....

Obviously, I took a little hiatus last week and would love to give you a great reason such as being on a fabulous tropical vacation or a social calendar that was packed hanging with some famous (real life) friends buuuut.....


I was just a slacker - Sorry about that =)

(I'm sure that y'all were all losing sleep over the lack of my endless rambling in your least that what's I like to tell myself ...)

Since - CHOO CHOO - I'm back on the blog train, I thought I'd kick it in gear with some random Monday musings...

* I bought the most beautiful new Koozie last weekend to replace one of the 73 that I've left scattered in various places across our fine city. 
(I have trouble keeping up with things...) 
As I was checking out I got a question that I am CERTAIN only happens in the south.
"Would you like it monogrammed?"
Um. Huh?
As a born and bred southerner, I have the utmost love and respect for all things monogrammed but - my koozie? Really?  Welcome to the South folks...welcome.

*  I am really missing the water these days...Spent a few quiet moments at the lake near our house the other day and it slightly soothed the itch buuuuuut not totally.  

Not to mention that it was FUH-REEZING and there were a few too many geese nearby for me to fully relax.  Geese can be hostile and unpredictable....kind of like teenage girls.

* This past week my love for The Chronicles of Narnia was reignited...Someone please tell me I wasn't the only one weeping hysterically crying when Aslan appeared in the sunrise! I may have had a full on glory fit!  Here are few favorite quotes that I have been OBSESSED with lately...

* My girl Kate made a few appearances this week and I have every intention to post about it in sickening detail...get pumped!

*  Why won't winter let up? I mean seriously... This is the forecast here in Nashville for the next couple days...
Snow? Winter, your like a bad hacking cough... let up already!

And since I just blogged intentionally about the weather that must mean two things:
I'm either 98 years old OR I should stop typing =)

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday - His Great Name

Being at a lose for words is not something that's common for me.  I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many of my elementary school report cards included some note about me talking too much and I can promise you that I have heard EVERY long-winded joke out there....  My mom likes to remind me often that "once I started talking I just never stopped". Um. Thanks mom.

That said, I have found myself in moments of my life where - believe it or not - even I am without words.  They are often those moments where the ache in my heart was so deep that I would have sworn that, had I had opened my mouth, all that I would have been able to utter would have been a sob or seven.  They are the moments when the hurt has simply... knocked me speechless.  
I have nothing to say.  The pain has swallowed me and I am tired and knocked on my back.

In those instances, there is one simple word that I know, if I can utter it, that the process of healing will begin... There is one, simple, two syllable name that - if I can force it out of my frightened and worn out soul - will be all it takes to give me the strength to breath for another moment.....

The name above all names.
The love of my soul and my hiding place.


When I first heard the song below by Natalie Grant I was reminded of those moments of utter speechless dispair and the simple truth that, sometimes, all you can do is cry His name. That's all you have in you...
Those of you with little ones know the desperate speed with which your feet move as soon as you hear one of your babies utter your name in a moment of hurt.


That's all it takes and you are where they are in an instant.

Our Father in heaven works the same...
Rest in His Great Name...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Birchbox Review

March Birchbox has arrived!  
Woot woot!

I seriously can not explain how much I adore seeing that little hot pink box in my mailbox =)  Makes the bills it usually sits on top of easier to handle!
Here are the goodies I got to play with this month...

This little wonder seems to get very mixed reviews... Some people find it to me way to sticky and others rave about its awesomeness.  Here is my two cents : I liked it okay.  The smell was great and it for sure pumped up the volume!  I tend to only products like this when I am just wanting a little help with 2nd day hair that's about to be tossed up into some sort of bun situation.  Honestly though, I don't use dry shampoo enough to rationalize ever paying $25 for it BUT dry shampoo seems to be one of those products that 'you get what you pay for' with cheaper products giving slightly less awesome results.... Soooo. I think I just talked in a circle =)

I received 3 packets of this lotion and really liked them all!! They smell WONDERFUL and were not greasy in any way!  My fav was the Tea Olive Lime =) While I wouldn't normally spend $22 on lotion, the temptation with this lovely would be high... it's that awesome!

I wasn't familiar with this brand before now but loooved this eye makeup remover! It was gentle but effective AND the company itself is charity driven! For every "Make" product you buy, 1/3 of all sales go a fund that helps develop women led, worker owned small businesses! Love it!

I also received a super teeny lipstick sample from Make. The color is pretty neutral and matte... It's the perfect size for the makeup bag I keep in my work bag!

Um. Its a pretty nail file ... Into the purse it went =)

So. I also recently decided to give Glossy Box a whirl and am eagerly anticipating its arrival.  I'll be sure to over share on that too... I'd love to hear if any of you do beauty monthly subscriptions =)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pretend BFF's =)

A good gaggle of girlfriends is, in my humble opinion, vital to a girl's ability to survive (and to allow those around her survive on days when she wants to hurt someone..) ... 
I am so blessed to have some fairly fabulous lady loves who have done more than their fair share to keep me sane. 

I feel like you needed to know that I do indeed have REAL friends before I begin my rant on fake ones.... See... I'm establishing my sanity before the next paragraph begins....

With that cleared up...

I know I've alluded on here to the fact that, in my head, I have a fairly killer posse of BFF's.  Since I am not totally out of touch with reality (yet) I do recognize that, in fact, they do not know I exist and, therefore, I refer to them as my Pretend BFF's =)

Ready? Here they are.... 

My Girl Kate

Does she really need an introduction around here?  I probably ride the line between BFF and stalker.  I mean, I'm probably on a palace watch list or something...
She is so graceful and ladylike and beautiful and OBVIOUSLY in need of my friendship... I mean, I DO throw great baby showers!

Stella McCartney

She is the lovely offspring of this fella:
And I am a mega fan of hers.  She is a crazy talented designer and, in my head, we would hang out in some dingy (but uber cool!) London pub in vintage rock-n-roll t-shirts.  I bet she'd even introduce me to her Uncle Ringo - whom I adore =)
 (It's a good I don't take my illusions too far.... like by dreaming up fake scenarios with people who don't know I'm alive....sigh...)
  I own a Stella bag that I guard like one of my (currently nonexistent) children.

Penelope Garcia

Um. OK... so Penelope is not technically 'real' but this is my fake list of fake BFF's so I figure I can wander as far from reality as I want =)  
I love how she answers the phone and just generally think she's hysterical! I also really want her and Morgan to become a thing because:
Boom. Does it get more precious??

Kim Walker-Smith & Misty Edwards
These women LOVE them some Jesus and have more musical talent that I can even fathom!  They have the kind of voices that give me chilly bumps.
I once saw Kim in person but was too flustered to say anything.... I figured that I'd either cry or faint and, you know, that either of those would really be a great way to kick off our friendship.

Your turn to tell me who needs to be in my fictional BFF posse =) or who is in yours!
aaaaaaand -go.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Hello friends!!! Random post time..... man oh man how I love Miscellany Monday just for the simple fact that I can blog exactly like I think - Randomly =)

Here. We. Go.

*  I am uber pumped that this is back:

I adore me some Rachel Zoe in all of her pint sized glory!  Her new little one, Skylar, can just about distract me from the crazy amount of pretty clothes! Seriously. Love her.

*  Can someone please explain this trend to me?

It just completely alludes me how getting a massage in the middle of the mall can be AT ALL relaxing! Personally, I find the whole massage process a little stressful to begin with... add in the element of doing it in the middle of a posse of strangers?? No thanks.

*  Ready for a Kristi Fun Fact that with either
a) Blow your mind with awesome.
b) Make you never come back.
I have an overwhelming desire to be able to rap all of the words to Ice Ice Baby.
Please don't judge me too harshly.

*  I have been wanting to do a little overhaul on this here blog... I need it to be prettier =)  Are there any websites or ideas that you would like to pass on?  It can be so overwhelming!! Thank you in advance for the immense knowledge you are going to bestow =)

*  Can I use this as an excuse every time I'm late?
"You see.... I'm sorry I'm 23 minutes late... again.  I just didn't want to arrive ugly."

*  This months Birchbox should be arriving any day now so check back for an update!! I also decided to give Glossy box a try!! Don't worry... I'm sure there will be an 'overshare post' on that too.

Ok... your turn. Link up below!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hand Flower Obsession

I have for sure become Queen of Dropping the ball this week - the lack of blog updates is perfect evidence =) Sorry about that but fear not - 
I will get back on track and remember what day it is this weekend sometime. 

Since I am already behind on posting and completely out of the schedule that I like to attempt feebly keep, I thought I'd babble for a sec about a new little obsession of mine.

Have you seen these around?

A common name for them is "Slave Bracelets" but that makes me uncomfortable so we are going to opt for another name I've heard: Hand Flower =)

I got one of these beauties (made by a local artist!) for Christmas and am officially OBSESSED! 
Every time I wear it I get enough compliments to give me a big head
and make me feel oodles cooler than I really am.

Here are few others I would live to add to my collection:

Because with only two hands I clearly need at least a dozen of these.

Sometimes my obsessive tendencies even frighten me.

Have you worn one of these before? What is your current style obsession I should know about?
Spill ladies... let's not keep style secrets from one another =)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kate sighting....Yes, I squealed...

Looky, Looky - 
Our girl Kate made an appearance yesterday!!

I seriously don't think she could be any more fabulous... 
I mean look at her:
It should be illegal to be that gorgeous.
Not to mention that sister was most definitely Jesus' favorite when it came time to hand out hair favor.
Seriously y'all... it is hair perfection!

And please look at this amazing shot =) Too precious!
Can we please PLEASE be best friends in real life?  
I mean... in my head we've already gone on mani/pedi dates and exchanged bestie necklaces.

There is some chatter that she slipped while chatting it up with the crowd and hinted that she may have a little princess bun in the oven! 
 In a perfect and well scripted case of possible foreshadowing, Kate accepted flowers from a little girl dressed as a princess =)
Well played Royal Family.... well played....

Just to warn everyone within a 300 mile radius, if July brings us a mound of pink blankets I may squeal loud enough to crack windows and send small animals running for cover =)

She also accepted flowers from this little cutie...
When he is about 16, I am sure he'll appreciate that a photo of him with his finger up his nose went viral.  
Finally, the only thing about her little outing that left me puzzled was....
Our Kate sure is a tiny thing.... 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Hair, Reality TV, and A Lacrosse Game... Tie that together =)

Ready for some rapid fire randomness? Wonderful -
because I have loads of it this morning =)

*  I spotted this article on ...

(This is where I tend to get a gratuitous amount of my news. What can I say? I like hard hitting journalism.)

All I could think was - Puh-lease.  
Women south of the Mason Dixon have been onto that trend since the ark landed safely =)
Case in point?

The bigger the hair the closer to God.

Even our fellas get into the giant hair around here...


*  THIS is about to make its television debut:

 Now. I have a vice for realtiy TV but this-
 Too much.
Please do not judge my fine home state by this one hour of reality TV at its finest...
I didn't even know it was possible to cram that many stereotypes into 60 minutes.


*  I went to my first lacrosse game this weekend!
I think I may have found the sport that can hold me over in those dark days between football seasons...

(Only 177 days... but whose counting...)

Is there fast game play? Check.
Is there yelling?  Check.
Are there people physically touching other people as part of the game? Check.
I'm in =)
(Side note... They beat the tar out of each other with those net-stick things! I was shocked!)


* And now I shall leave you with a little southern humor....
Your welcome.

Have such a blessed day!!
And you should link up here for some Monday fun:

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PS - If the blog is a little more quiet the next couple days it is because I get to hold my precious husband hostage to celebrate our anniversary!! We are celebrating a little late but get a few days allllll to ourselves =)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ten years ago today...

10 years ago this happened...

Words can't even begin to express how grateful I am for this man and the last decade of life we've shared.  I consider it a priveldge to have grown up with him and to be the one he comes home to night after night.  While we may not know what the next ten years and beyond will bring, I know do know who will be at my side the entire time.

     Thank you for loving me so completely and adoring even the most annoying of my habits...  
You are my hero and the bravest person I know - I mean .... only a man with nerves of steel would have married this bag of crazy =)  Sharing life with you is the best decision I have ever made and I can't wait to grow wrinkly and old with you...

Here is to a lifetime more of memories, chinese buffet dinners, and grand adventures in far off countries...

I can't wait to drag you to more concerts that you have little interest in going to but you pretend to care about because you like me and my overly sized sunglasses...

Thank you for taking me to approximately 3,492 Edwin Mccain concerts because we are both ridiculous fans...

and for putting up with my unique set of ridiculous habits that appear only when we are flying, such as making you stay awake until the pilot is done talking...

You make me laugh...

and appreciate life in ways I didn't think was possible.  

Thank you for letting me wake you up way way too early for breakfast runs to Cracker Barrel and when I turn into a 5 year old because it's snowed outside...

I think you are the most talented musicians I know and am honored to be your wife..

I love you Jonathan...

Love, Kristi