Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pretend BFF's =)

A good gaggle of girlfriends is, in my humble opinion, vital to a girl's ability to survive (and to allow those around her survive on days when she wants to hurt someone..) ... 
I am so blessed to have some fairly fabulous lady loves who have done more than their fair share to keep me sane. 

I feel like you needed to know that I do indeed have REAL friends before I begin my rant on fake ones.... See... I'm establishing my sanity before the next paragraph begins....

With that cleared up...

I know I've alluded on here to the fact that, in my head, I have a fairly killer posse of BFF's.  Since I am not totally out of touch with reality (yet) I do recognize that, in fact, they do not know I exist and, therefore, I refer to them as my Pretend BFF's =)

Ready? Here they are.... 

My Girl Kate

Does she really need an introduction around here?  I probably ride the line between BFF and stalker.  I mean, I'm probably on a palace watch list or something...
She is so graceful and ladylike and beautiful and OBVIOUSLY in need of my friendship... I mean, I DO throw great baby showers!

Stella McCartney

She is the lovely offspring of this fella:
And I am a mega fan of hers.  She is a crazy talented designer and, in my head, we would hang out in some dingy (but uber cool!) London pub in vintage rock-n-roll t-shirts.  I bet she'd even introduce me to her Uncle Ringo - whom I adore =)
 (It's a good I don't take my illusions too far.... like by dreaming up fake scenarios with people who don't know I'm alive....sigh...)
  I own a Stella bag that I guard like one of my (currently nonexistent) children.

Penelope Garcia

Um. OK... so Penelope is not technically 'real' but this is my fake list of fake BFF's so I figure I can wander as far from reality as I want =)  
I love how she answers the phone and just generally think she's hysterical! I also really want her and Morgan to become a thing because:
Boom. Does it get more precious??

Kim Walker-Smith & Misty Edwards
These women LOVE them some Jesus and have more musical talent that I can even fathom!  They have the kind of voices that give me chilly bumps.
I once saw Kim in person but was too flustered to say anything.... I figured that I'd either cry or faint and, you know, that either of those would really be a great way to kick off our friendship.

Your turn to tell me who needs to be in my fictional BFF posse =) or who is in yours!
aaaaaaand -go.

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