Friday, March 8, 2013

Hand Flower Obsession

I have for sure become Queen of Dropping the ball this week - the lack of blog updates is perfect evidence =) Sorry about that but fear not - 
I will get back on track and remember what day it is this weekend sometime. 

Since I am already behind on posting and completely out of the schedule that I like to attempt feebly keep, I thought I'd babble for a sec about a new little obsession of mine.

Have you seen these around?

A common name for them is "Slave Bracelets" but that makes me uncomfortable so we are going to opt for another name I've heard: Hand Flower =)

I got one of these beauties (made by a local artist!) for Christmas and am officially OBSESSED! 
Every time I wear it I get enough compliments to give me a big head
and make me feel oodles cooler than I really am.

Here are few others I would live to add to my collection:

Because with only two hands I clearly need at least a dozen of these.

Sometimes my obsessive tendencies even frighten me.

Have you worn one of these before? What is your current style obsession I should know about?
Spill ladies... let's not keep style secrets from one another =)

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