Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Hair, Reality TV, and A Lacrosse Game... Tie that together =)

Ready for some rapid fire randomness? Wonderful -
because I have loads of it this morning =)

*  I spotted this article on ...

(This is where I tend to get a gratuitous amount of my news. What can I say? I like hard hitting journalism.)

All I could think was - Puh-lease.  
Women south of the Mason Dixon have been onto that trend since the ark landed safely =)
Case in point?

The bigger the hair the closer to God.

Even our fellas get into the giant hair around here...


*  THIS is about to make its television debut:

 Now. I have a vice for realtiy TV but this-
 Too much.
Please do not judge my fine home state by this one hour of reality TV at its finest...
I didn't even know it was possible to cram that many stereotypes into 60 minutes.


*  I went to my first lacrosse game this weekend!
I think I may have found the sport that can hold me over in those dark days between football seasons...

(Only 177 days... but whose counting...)

Is there fast game play? Check.
Is there yelling?  Check.
Are there people physically touching other people as part of the game? Check.
I'm in =)
(Side note... They beat the tar out of each other with those net-stick things! I was shocked!)


* And now I shall leave you with a little southern humor....
Your welcome.

Have such a blessed day!!
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PS - If the blog is a little more quiet the next couple days it is because I get to hold my precious husband hostage to celebrate our anniversary!! We are celebrating a little late but get a few days allllll to ourselves =)


  1. LOVE your blog! Can't wait to read more!!

    1. Thank you so much Ashley!!! That means so much to me - You have no idea!!! Thank you for reading!!


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