Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things I Love....

My brain works in spurts and bulletpoints. I don't know what I would do if it actually began to think in coherent waves and complete sentences. As I tried to think of something remotely interesting to blog about, my mind went right into making a bullet list of thing that I am currently obsessed with =) Buckly up people - Heeeeere she goes......

1) Pretzel M&M's - If you have not encountered the wonder that is Pretzel M & M's, you should consider yourself to be massively deprived.

Or very lucky - I'm not sure I'll have any jeans to fit into by the time fall decides to show up.

2) The Rachel Zoe Project - I'll give you a second to judge me....k....done? great. I totally LOVE this show. I love just about every random phrase that flies out of her mouth and I love the level of drama!! I want to be her friend!! Everytime an episode ends I feel an overwhelming desire to rush to my closet and put on heels and fur. (As a side note, I don't actually own fur and Rachel is very careful to always wear fakes...I felt compelled to point that out in our defense)

3) Sally Hansen "Commander in Chic" Nail Polish

I totally fell in love with this greyish, purplish color several months ago. The time frame of my discovery is important for one reason: I saw that it was listed as an "it" color for fall in my last In Style. Since then, I have felt compelled to point out to everyone that likes it that I have been wearing since waaaay before In Style FINALLY caught up =)

I think that if you have made it to the end of this post you deserve a total standing ovation =) I'll stop while I am ahead and may still have one reader left....I'm off to put on sky high heals and hunt down some M&M's =)

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Heart Faces - Photojournalism

I LOVE the style of photography that I Heart Faces (www.iheartfaces.com) is focusing on this week!! I love that it can be casual and easy - I prefer casual and easy as a general pace of life over anything contrived =) I think that a good photo - the one that you look at over and over and over - is the one that happens, the one that takes place before you and, if you're lucky, you just happen to have been watching the world go by in that moment from behind your camera.

Obviously, a maternity shoot is slightly planned =) My favorite thing about this photo is that there was something really special and not planned about thise moment....I love that there is a secret conversation going on between these two. I imagine that it revolves around the precious little person that is about to enter their world...but - I'll never know =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fix It Friday


This is my first participation in any sort of I Heart Faces fun in awhile! I just couldn't resist getting back into the swing of things this week =) I thought this photo was quite good to begin with so I really just played with the light and color.

Here's what I did using PSE 7:

Cropped it in some. ( I totally love my crop tool....it really is my best friend!)

* I lightened it alot to really make it bright.

*cI used the Smart Brush to brighten the sky and amp up the green in the greenery.

* I also upped the saturation on blues and greens in general.

That's really about it =) It was a slower photography week for me personally so I was excied to be able to have a photo to play with =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Visitors Y'all!

I LOVE having people come and visit!! I love having a slew of people to cook for and entertain! My favorite thing about company is getting to show off this FABULOUS city we call home =) I pride myself on being a fountain of historical tidbits - some, I'll admit, are left over from 3rd South Carolina history and may or may not be a little fuzzy....And by "fuzzy" I mean "made up"....

( *ahem - I also appreciate that a visit from the right person might land me at a good local outlet mall that has no significant historical value but does have a Gap... company = right-to-shop)

My fabulous California girl of a cousin and her new hubby have come to town and I have had a blasty blast playing Scarlette O'Hara Tour Guide Extroidanaire =) We spent some time the other day at a local plantation.....

Um....So THAT is a house =) We did a tour of the house, which was SUPER interesting and, unlike my tours of the Lowcountry, not riddled with semi made up folklore =)

There were so many beautiful details in this house....These were some of my favorites.....

Yay for fancy Southern houses....now - to convince my husband that a portico like that would look stellar on our house....


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so....been awhile

so - hi.
it's been awhile.

since we last spoke, i've been doing more of this:

lots more actually. since this guy:

surprised me with a new camera for christmas. yes, christmas. and now it's august and i'm just now updating.

geez....i'd love to tell you ive been busy saving the world but - alas - i haven't . not this time anyway.

i HAVE done some of this:

i went and saw this guy in concert and even got to meet him....i was pretty much a total idiot and star struck. If you don't know who he is, please just pretend:

expect more out of me people.....honestly more than one update a year would be more =) but i'm promising more than that =)