Friday, January 17, 2014

I have a REALLY good reason I've been away... No. Really...


Way to keep up with the blog there Kristi.

Unlike every other time that I've checked out of the blog-o-spere, 
I DO have some a pretty good reason this time:

Oh yes!
A little person is invading our home in mid April and we could not possibly be more thrilled!

With every little wiggle and kick, I am more and more humbled that the Lord chooses to bring life into the world this way...  
I feel like He's letting us aid Him in the most amazing miracle =)

Don't get me wrong, I have learned that pregnancy is faaaaar from glamorous but console myself in those less than red carpet moments by remembering that I am GROWING A HUMAN.

I mean.


It about knocks me speechless.... which is impressive in and of itself ;)

I think we are very close to a final name decision 

(Side note - Naming him and choosing a stroller have been the hardest part of this whole thing!  Choosing to bring life into the world was a BREEZE compared to the 6,327 stroller choices and the fact that everyone from our families to the grocery store check out lady has a name opinion!  Seriously people...  Rant over.)

and can't wait to share that with y'all!

Stay tuned... 
If life with just me and my rock star man wasn't crazy enough, 
adding a third little personality is gonna be BONKERS =)