Monday, October 22, 2012

Anyone out there??

Um. Okey dokey so I guess we can add blog maintenance to the list of things that I have flopped at =) I hate to even share with you the 7,000 steps I just went through to log in!! I am fairly sure someone could steal my identity and book a flight to Bora Bora with more ease than I just logged into this blog….. mercy….. Much has changed in Robinson-Land in the last almost two years… It has been wonderful, hard, fun, scary, and everything in between. The Lord has grown me, stretched me, and taught me more than I have ever imagined. As tough as the “tough spots” have been, I am grateful that I have never known my Saviour as closely as I do when I am in the midst of intense transition. He has proven himself good… better than I could ever fathom and more true to His children than I can ever imagine. His heart is forever for us and never against us and I have gazed into the eyes of a selflessly loving Father more in this season then ever before. I look forward to blogging more because I desire to share not only the antics that seem to follow me but also to testify to an eternally faithful Father…. It’s getting good people….it’s getting good…. Kristi