Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Things I Love....

My brain works in spurts and bulletpoints. I don't know what I would do if it actually began to think in coherent waves and complete sentences. As I tried to think of something remotely interesting to blog about, my mind went right into making a bullet list of thing that I am currently obsessed with =) Buckly up people - Heeeeere she goes......

1) Pretzel M&M's - If you have not encountered the wonder that is Pretzel M & M's, you should consider yourself to be massively deprived.

Or very lucky - I'm not sure I'll have any jeans to fit into by the time fall decides to show up.

2) The Rachel Zoe Project - I'll give you a second to judge me....k....done? great. I totally LOVE this show. I love just about every random phrase that flies out of her mouth and I love the level of drama!! I want to be her friend!! Everytime an episode ends I feel an overwhelming desire to rush to my closet and put on heels and fur. (As a side note, I don't actually own fur and Rachel is very careful to always wear fakes...I felt compelled to point that out in our defense)

3) Sally Hansen "Commander in Chic" Nail Polish

I totally fell in love with this greyish, purplish color several months ago. The time frame of my discovery is important for one reason: I saw that it was listed as an "it" color for fall in my last In Style. Since then, I have felt compelled to point out to everyone that likes it that I have been wearing since waaaay before In Style FINALLY caught up =)

I think that if you have made it to the end of this post you deserve a total standing ovation =) I'll stop while I am ahead and may still have one reader left....I'm off to put on sky high heals and hunt down some M&M's =)

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