Friday, September 10, 2010

Wannabe Flower Child

Sometimes I would swear to you that I was born in the wrong decade!! Let today forever keep in prosperity one such reason:

I absolutely have to own a pair of these:


And by "own them", I mean sleep/eat/breathe/bathe in them! In the words of RZ, " I die!"

I found out these on ebay and really love them!! The laces are FAB - U - LOUS! I haven't bid on them yet but just may have to....

Apparently my mom still has a pair from her teenage years but that would never happen.... She'd happily give them to my but, unfortunately, I'd have to cut off my toes to get my big 'ol ginormous feet into her teeny tiny boots. Nothing would thrill me more though than to be able to say that I was wearing VINTAGE fringe boots!!

I think I just got chills....

"Hello there. Oh - are you staring at my boots? Where did I get them? Oh (look shyly away) they're vintage."

* sigh * ok...well I'm off to fully embrace my "60's-ism"....maybe I'll hug a tree or burn my bra.

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