Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall & Boots

I LOOOOOOOOOVE Fall. It is my all time favorite season even though I reside currently in a place that, really, doesn't have seasons. We sorta go from summer to winter and then maybe back to summer a few times before non crazy-hot weather settles in. Leaves here don't really even change color the way that God intended. They just give up, turn brown, and fall off the tree....guess you could say they are rebellious.

I am SO ready to be able to walk from my door to my car without breaking a sweat and am super ready to transition to fall clothes. One can only put together so many outfits with the same tank tops and shorts....I'm out of combos people!!! Noted by my last post, I heart boots in a major way and wish that it would be appropriate to go ahead and sport them.

My desperation to FINALLY be able to wear boots has brought weak moments that almost made me buy into the fashion trend I've seen of girls wearing them already with their summer dresses and shorts. I then remember that I didn't want to die an early death from heatstroke and I also don't want to recreate this stunner:

I love me some Julia but this is NOT the character I'd choose to steal fashion advice from.

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