Monday, September 20, 2010

Being Crafty

I think it has been well established that I have a tendency for flitting from one idea to another with an occasional lack of follow through....

Take for example my short lived career as a Penny Whistle player...

Go back with me to somewhere around 2004. I was recently married and had just found this CD as a recent addition to my CD collection:
I LOVED it immediately and played it on repeat all. the. time. (I also have a tendency for being a tad obsessive. That's another blog post entirely.) I also quickly decided, like all sane people, that I just had to learn to play that Penny Whistle that is so prominent in the recording. Now, why I didn't become obsessed with moving to Ireland or building a castle like the one of the front cover I will never know. But - alas - I chose to play the Penny Whistle.

Now is a great time to point out that the extent of musical career starts and ends with a rousing performance on the recorder in 3rd grade. Watch out Yanni....Here I come.

My sweet husband, who is a RIDICULOUSLY talented musician, took it upon himself to teach me to play. (Did I mention that we were newly married?) He bought me a shiny little whistle on a trip to the mountains and naively bravely undertook teaching me.

I was the proud owner of a "Teach Yourself The Penny Whistle" book and CD within 2 weeks and, six years later, I couldn't put my hands on the Penny Whistle is a face to face meeting with Rachel Zoe depended on it.

Hope you enjoyed that little story =) I drug you with me down memory lane to say this:

I always want to be crafty and creative. I want to play music, knit things, paint things, and just generally be like Martha Stewart meets Janis Joplin meets Laura Ingalls Wilder. (Wow - that's quite a trinity of women! I'd love to be at THAT kitchen table! Laura could have widdled it out of a tree, Martha couls set it with natural gourds and Janis....well, I'm not sure how helpdful she would be but MAN how mush fun!) I want to be able to take things in my house and turn them into brand new things. I spend LOTS of time looking at blogs of creative powerhouses and am determined to spend more time making cool stuff and less time reading about other people making cool stuff.

So - buckle up people. Your about to see some major creativity flow on this red carpet!!

PS - I just reread this blog pre-publish and am pretty sure it makes no sense at all. I refuse to delete it and start over though. I will follow through with it's publication....aaaaaaaaand PUBLISH.

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