Friday, August 27, 2010

Fix It Friday


This is my first participation in any sort of I Heart Faces fun in awhile! I just couldn't resist getting back into the swing of things this week =) I thought this photo was quite good to begin with so I really just played with the light and color.

Here's what I did using PSE 7:

Cropped it in some. ( I totally love my crop really is my best friend!)

* I lightened it alot to really make it bright.

*cI used the Smart Brush to brighten the sky and amp up the green in the greenery.

* I also upped the saturation on blues and greens in general.

That's really about it =) It was a slower photography week for me personally so I was excied to be able to have a photo to play with =)


  1. I really like your edit!



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