Monday, August 30, 2010

I Heart Faces - Photojournalism

I LOVE the style of photography that I Heart Faces ( is focusing on this week!! I love that it can be casual and easy - I prefer casual and easy as a general pace of life over anything contrived =) I think that a good photo - the one that you look at over and over and over - is the one that happens, the one that takes place before you and, if you're lucky, you just happen to have been watching the world go by in that moment from behind your camera.

Obviously, a maternity shoot is slightly planned =) My favorite thing about this photo is that there was something really special and not planned about thise moment....I love that there is a secret conversation going on between these two. I imagine that it revolves around the precious little person that is about to enter their world...but - I'll never know =)


  1. ahhh that is the look between the 2 people.

  2. oh yes! i LOVE this one. it may be my favorite out of the others i've viewed. very lovely!


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