Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Birchbox Review

March Birchbox has arrived!  
Woot woot!

I seriously can not explain how much I adore seeing that little hot pink box in my mailbox =)  Makes the bills it usually sits on top of easier to handle!
Here are the goodies I got to play with this month...

This little wonder seems to get very mixed reviews... Some people find it to me way to sticky and others rave about its awesomeness.  Here is my two cents : I liked it okay.  The smell was great and it for sure pumped up the volume!  I tend to only products like this when I am just wanting a little help with 2nd day hair that's about to be tossed up into some sort of bun situation.  Honestly though, I don't use dry shampoo enough to rationalize ever paying $25 for it BUT dry shampoo seems to be one of those products that 'you get what you pay for' with cheaper products giving slightly less awesome results.... Soooo. I think I just talked in a circle =)

I received 3 packets of this lotion and really liked them all!! They smell WONDERFUL and were not greasy in any way!  My fav was the Tea Olive Lime =) While I wouldn't normally spend $22 on lotion, the temptation with this lovely would be high... it's that awesome!

I wasn't familiar with this brand before now but loooved this eye makeup remover! It was gentle but effective AND the company itself is charity driven! For every "Make" product you buy, 1/3 of all sales go a fund that helps develop women led, worker owned small businesses! Love it!

I also received a super teeny lipstick sample from Make. The color is pretty neutral and matte... It's the perfect size for the makeup bag I keep in my work bag!

Um. Its a pretty nail file ... Into the purse it went =)

So. I also recently decided to give Glossy Box a whirl and am eagerly anticipating its arrival.  I'll be sure to over share on that too... I'd love to hear if any of you do beauty monthly subscriptions =)

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