Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kate sighting....Yes, I squealed...

Looky, Looky - 
Our girl Kate made an appearance yesterday!!

I seriously don't think she could be any more fabulous... 
I mean look at her:
It should be illegal to be that gorgeous.
Not to mention that sister was most definitely Jesus' favorite when it came time to hand out hair favor.
Seriously y'all... it is hair perfection!

And please look at this amazing shot =) Too precious!
Can we please PLEASE be best friends in real life?  
I mean... in my head we've already gone on mani/pedi dates and exchanged bestie necklaces.

There is some chatter that she slipped while chatting it up with the crowd and hinted that she may have a little princess bun in the oven! 
 In a perfect and well scripted case of possible foreshadowing, Kate accepted flowers from a little girl dressed as a princess =)
Well played Royal Family.... well played....

Just to warn everyone within a 300 mile radius, if July brings us a mound of pink blankets I may squeal loud enough to crack windows and send small animals running for cover =)

She also accepted flowers from this little cutie...
When he is about 16, I am sure he'll appreciate that a photo of him with his finger up his nose went viral.  
Finally, the only thing about her little outing that left me puzzled was....
Our Kate sure is a tiny thing.... 


  1. OK, so, I debated on whether or not to tell you for fear you may faint.... So prepare.... ;) My friend is serving in the Air Force with the K-9 unit and is stationed in London. He actually MET both William & Kate during a special visit and he said that she is even more gorgeous in person. He also said they were both very kind and down to earth. OK, I hope you're still reading and not passed out or something. :) Have a blessed day!

    1. Ha!! I may or may not have just about hyperventilated!! I think that I would seriously pass out or stay something stupid - or some combination of both =) It seems unfair that she is any prettier in person than she is in photos... seriously!! I'm SOOO glad you shared this!! I appreciate any and all Kate info you have to share =)

  2. This is so great!!! Loved your pictures! She seems like such an amazing girl!


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