Monday, March 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Hello friends!!! Random post time..... man oh man how I love Miscellany Monday just for the simple fact that I can blog exactly like I think - Randomly =)

Here. We. Go.

*  I am uber pumped that this is back:

I adore me some Rachel Zoe in all of her pint sized glory!  Her new little one, Skylar, can just about distract me from the crazy amount of pretty clothes! Seriously. Love her.

*  Can someone please explain this trend to me?

It just completely alludes me how getting a massage in the middle of the mall can be AT ALL relaxing! Personally, I find the whole massage process a little stressful to begin with... add in the element of doing it in the middle of a posse of strangers?? No thanks.

*  Ready for a Kristi Fun Fact that with either
a) Blow your mind with awesome.
b) Make you never come back.
I have an overwhelming desire to be able to rap all of the words to Ice Ice Baby.
Please don't judge me too harshly.

*  I have been wanting to do a little overhaul on this here blog... I need it to be prettier =)  Are there any websites or ideas that you would like to pass on?  It can be so overwhelming!! Thank you in advance for the immense knowledge you are going to bestow =)

*  Can I use this as an excuse every time I'm late?
"You see.... I'm sorry I'm 23 minutes late... again.  I just didn't want to arrive ugly."

*  This months Birchbox should be arriving any day now so check back for an update!! I also decided to give Glossy box a try!! Don't worry... I'm sure there will be an 'overshare post' on that too.

Ok... your turn. Link up below!

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