Monday, February 18, 2013

Fashion Week, Kate Middleton, & A Mani

Hiya friends... Hope your weekend was stellar and full of all things fabulous =) Ready for some random Monday thoughts? Awesome. Here we go....

1 - Fashion Week has consumed my instagram and twitter feeds this week and - mercy - the lovliness.  Expect a longer Fashion Week breakdown later this week but here is a sneak peak of a few things that caught my eye...

2 - Speaking of Fashion Week.... One of the main reasons I adore it so is this lady:
Oh Anna Wintour.... I find her so intriguing.... a little scary but also intriguing  =) Oh - and faaaabulous. She is most definitely fabulous =)

3 - Can Kate come out of hiding now? I miss her.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I should share that I have complete and utter obsession fascination with Miss Middleton.  Seriously.  I am probably on some sort of palace watch list.  If you share my fascination with the most fabulous princess Kate, you HAVE to check out this blog:

What Kate Wore is a fountain of knowledge on all things surrounding the pretties that she wears or might wear or maybe has even THOUGHT about wearing =)  Be warned... It can create a desire to get a keratin blowout and buy nude pumps.

3 - This:

4 -A most precious friend treated me to a mani/pedi break on Sunday afternoon.  Praise the name... it was so wonderful!!!  I've been intrigued by the gel mani's but know that I lack the follow through and commitment to go back for them to take it off soooooo I went with the old trusty...

Best. Dark. Color. Ever.  If you've bought the bullet and done the gel thang, I'd love to hear if you like it or not!

PS... How about one more Keep Calm poster to power us through Monday?
Your welcome.

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  1. I am totally checking out that Kate site! I am completely fascinated with her as well and can not wait to see her 'maternity fashions'...if she ever shows them off!

    1. Riiight! She's totally my fake BFF :) Let me know of you love the site!!


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