Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh how far we've come...

One year.

January 25th marked one year since I came to Nashville to interview for a job and, if I'm honest, really throw my heart over the fence with this whole moving thing.

The word says that the Lord will go before us and... oh my, how I feel that has been proven true.

I met with some amazing women on the evening of January 25th that I had never met in person before.  I wore a red coat and sparkly scarf and prayed that they would like me.  We were strangers here on Earth but quickly discovered a kindred heart for Jesus and His people.  We laughed and cried and they found room for me in their family.

I moved quickly after that and began a year of life in a new place, with new challenges, and - due to those things - new opportunities to grow.  I'd like to tell you I did it all gracefully and met every challenge with poise and an open heart BUT I have no desire to be struck by lightening =)  I did, though, meet each step of the new season with the realization that, though new to me, my Savior had already been there before.... He'd come before me.

Fast forward....

This past January 25th - exactly one year to the day of the interview - I celebrated my Birthday Eve.(Call it an only child thing but birthday's are week long events around here...)  Around the table that night, along with me and Jonathan, were three girls who have become family, their spouses that I have come to adore, and a precious toddler who has stolen my heart.  We laughed and gabbed and shared too many bowls of queso.  We chuckled hysterically at the kind of jokes that only come with living life together.

I drove home that night in awe of how far a year can take you.
I am so grateful.

PS.... There is no greater proof to how far this past year has taken me than this:

That is me getting pied in the face.  Only people that love you, value you enough to make memories with you, and know you well enough to know you won't hurt them =) would be part of a plan to shove whipped cream in your face.  In public.  My heart overflows.... and my nostrils still have some whipped cream up them =)

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