Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fashion Week in the Big Apple...My Take

Fashion Week.  

It is totally a bucket list item of mine to get to go to New York Fashion Week one day.  If I got to sit by/ near/ in the same room as Anna Wintour, my life may be made.

(Who am I kidding.... I'd love to go to ANY Fashion Week.  Are you an organizer of Podunkville Fashion Week? Hit me up. I'm in.)

I seemed to be really drawn to all things fancy in the various collections and feel like all I did was bookmark, pin, and fall in love with every other fancy ball gown I saw.  Considering that my daily wardrobe rarely calls for evening wear.....well....A girl can dream =)

Rachel Zoe...
Oh Rach... You will always have a hold on the bohemian side of my heart.  The diminutive diva sent some serious beauties down the runway.  Her collection was very vintage, rock-n-roll, and English allllll rolled into one.  The looks were beautiful, clean, and lovely.

Oscar de la Renta...
Oh the beauty, the grandeur, the stomach grumblings from the slightly rabid looking models....The gowns were so pretty I may have taken my chances trying to knock one of those supermodels over and make off with a ball gown or seven.  

Carolina Herrera...
Not a designer I usually follow BUT she sent some serious amounts of lovlieness down the runway.  It didn't hurt that she sent some of them down the catwalk on Karlie Kloss - whom I adore =) Seriously.... can someone please have a ball or fancy wedding or even a lavish baby shower.... Sister wants to wear a ball gown!

Jenny Packham...
A favorite of our girl Kate, Miss Jenny has always done our favorite duchess justice and I hope to see a preggo Miss Kate wearing some variations of these lovelies!! I mean....again.... can someone PLEAE have a ball for me to attend???

I'll leave it there for now before this post becomes SO long that Fashion Week 2137 might begin before you're done reading =)  If you have time, check out Rag & Bone, Band of Outsiders, and Lela Rose.... They also knocked it out of the park =) 

Finally, I watched a few minutes of some "Breaking News" this morning that involved skinny models. 
Models are thin. WHY is that still news?  Seriously.  I have lots of thoughts on the issue but I will leave it at this.... Models are thin. That is not a news flash worthy of time on The Today Show =)

"Style is what one creates....glamour is a state of mind."
~ Rachel Zoe ~

What were your favorites at NYFW? Anyone I should check out?

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