Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kate has emerged!


It's like Kate read my blog and responded by debuting her precious little baby bump yesterday!!  I was just whining saying that I was more than ready for Kate to come out of hiding now and let us see her preggo preciousness!


Lo and Behold....

Granted that may be the smallest 4 1/2 month baby bump I've ever seen BUT - that is a bump none the less!!  Personally, I think that Princess Kate looks A-MAZING and stunning and beautiful!!!  I really think it should be illegal to consistently have hair that fabulous but we'll give her leniency because it's Kate and she can do no wrong.  And she's growing a person.  She can have good hair without consequence.

Look at how sweet she is with those little cuties!!  I may have heart failure the first time I see her pushing a stroller with her own babies.

(Yes, I know I have a problem.)

(Side note -  Can we talk for a moment about the extreme cuteness of how that little fella has his arm around his sister? I mean.....PRECIOUS.)

I came across this photo when I was perusing and it gave me a whole new level of respect for how well she carries herself in the public forum.
Can you IMAGINE having that many people screaming your name and tripping over themselves for a photo?  It is totally possible that she has more poise and grace in her left pinky toe than I have in my whole body...I'll need to work on that before I attend the royal baby shower.  
I'd hate to spill my tea on Camilla =)

On a detailed note, the dress my BFF was sporting was a MaxMara wrap dress from the 2011 collection and jewelry that was estimated at over $4,000.

Happy Wednesday friends!!

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  1. you are too cute. and, she looks fabulous. that little bump is adorable.


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