Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favs

Happy Friday friends!!  
We made it through the week and oh my what a week it was!! Kate's little public appreance was my highlight  because, obviously, I have a problem.  
In honor of Friday, here are a few of my favorite things that I think you should know about =)

*  I recently discovered this amazing jewel of a website - Temptalia...

Ohmygoodness. This site has more information than my brain could even BEGIN to handle.  There are make-up reviews, tutorials and countless other amounts of amazing-ness.  Seriously. This is by far the most amazing website of its kind I've found.

Best part?

I hope you're sitting down.

There is a whole section that is make-up dupes! You can put in brands, colors, or even TYPES of pretties and they are cross referenced for you.  Super useful for finding affordable versions of high end products! 

*  Please. Watch this video... Shout out to a spirit of fearlessness and courage that I hope I can one day embody just a smidge of...Dance like no ones watching people cause this girl.... THIS girl gets her boogie on.

*  This.
Gives me chills.

* And this.
Makes me giggle....
and feel slightly better about the fact that I am often sliiiightly behind schedule - which is a nice way of saying I'm late a lot.

Excuse me while I go and plan out a dance number for the Walmart.

What are some favs that you should share? Don't leave me out of the loop =)

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