Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday - Change of Plans...

I had big plans today to share with y'all some of the awesome goodness that I felt like I walked away from the weekend away with.


Apparently my camera and computer are giving each other the silent treatment and are not supportive of said plan as they are giving me a FIT trying to upload my photos! Sooooo, that post is now on the back burner until at least tomorrow when I will have hopefully been able to reason with the electronics in my life.

(Don't hold your breath as I am fairly convinced that trying to reason with electronics takes the same level of skill as hostage negation....)

In lieu of telling you about my QT with Jesus this weekend, I'm going to rattle on for a sec about this book:

 Oh gracious... It has been a looooong time since a devotional style book has impacted me the way this one has. (Shout out to Elly for turning me on to this gem!)   As someone who believes whole heartily in the super relational aspect of God's heart, I am beyond touched and ministered too by the first person way this book is written.  

(Side note... the story behind it is PHENOMENAL! Get your google on...)

 I can't even begin to tell you how many time I've sat, slack jawed, in complete shock by how closely the day's message applies to me in that. very. second.
I mean... if I didn't know better I'd just about swear that Sarah was following me around =)
I really urge you to check it out if you can... 

Tuesday, was yet another of those days where I opened up the book and sat in shocked awe as the conviction of the words soaked into my heart...

The phrase "Secret things belong to the Lord, and future things are secret things" about knocked me to my knees.  While it is right to listen and seek the Lord on your next season in life, that line can become fuzzy when we suddenly can't settle into His peace without knowing it ALL.  

Those things aren't always ours to know but He is always ours to trust.

 Oh, how often I have missed the journey and doubted His promise to care for me... My words may say YES but my actions and the fear and anxiety in my heart can speak so differently...

Do you read Jesus Calling? Have you been impacted by a book lately that we should know about?

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