Thursday, January 31, 2013

Current Cosmetic Obsessions - January

I looove me some cosmetics.  Unleash me in an Ulta, Sephora, or really anywhere with more than a couple bottles of nail polish for sale and I am going to be a happy (and possibly broke ) girl.  While I tend to have a more casual day to day look, I like to keep my make-up arsenal well stocked and majorly enjoy this perk of being a girl =)  (Keep this fact in mind because if we ever meet in person the chance of me being in a hat or with possibly with chipped nails is high....)  Here are a few of my current favorite obsessions...

* Bobbi Brown Concealer & Corrector *
Oh sweet Bobbi Brown... If I ever find myself in the same room with her I will hug her neck and thank her for this little miracle in compact form! Thanks to the genius of Ms. Brown, I can convince the world around me that I am well rested and take my make-up off every night due to my faaaabulous complexion =) Seriously. This corrector and concealer combo is A-MAZING and worth every penny.

* Hot Mama! by The Balm *
So, I have seen this brand around before but never jumped in. Then a small sample appeared in last months Birchbox (more on that wonder of the world later) and I. Was. HOOKED. I was the kind of hooked where you repent for every day you didn't know this amazing gem existed.  This is a highlighter/ eye shadow/ blush super cosmetic with the most perfect shimmery hue ever! 

* Too Faced Natural Eye Palate *
Please join me in a moment of silence for the most perfect eye palate I have ever discovered.  I LOOOVE these eye shadows!  I was a little late to the party on this one and finally bought my own after mooching off of a friend's forever =) I tend to mainly use the "Everyday" trio and was recently uber sad to discover you can't buy any of those shades solo.... You have to replace the whole thing! Way to go Too Faced.... that's quiet a little gimmick you have goin'. I mean -  I'll do it but I still think it's shady.

Ok... your turn... what are some of your current favs?? Don't hold out on me - I NEED to know =)

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