Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala Breakdown

What do you get when you combine the most random concoction of celebrities ever,  Vogue magazine, the fashion forward attitude of NYC, and the theme "Punk: Chaos to Couture"? 

Two words:
MET. Gala.

Some attendees took the theme and raaaaan with it while there were a few who just completely confused me =)
 Let me share, shall I?


I promise you that this woman played Carrie Bradshaw long enough that she has actually become her... I ADORE Sara Jessica Parker!  I mean - the woman is sporting a mohawk and ownin' it! 
I'm fairly certain that she could show up at Target like this and make it seem totally normal...

Minka Kelly isn't a celeb that I usually stalk follow but she may have won me over with this lovely ensemble...
I spotted this dress on the Carolina Herrera runway in the fall and think is translated well to 'real life'... and, it's purple =) (Kristi Fun Fact: Purple is my all time favorite color)  I ADORE the hair ornament situation too... It's like a tiarra =)

Here's another celeb that usually flies under my radar...
Dakota Fanning.
The back of this dress not only makes me feel the need to do some cardio but also make me say
Love it!

I will now interupt this string of fashion wins with a couple choices that confused me...
I'm going to caption this collage simply...
The eyeshadow , the white hair, the attached gloves... I don't get it.  Kim looks like she was attacked by a curtain and I'm fairly positive I wore eye shadow that thick in 8th grade...
'A' for effort ladies but I'm not sure it translated well.

We can't leave out this lovely lady... I mean - This whole shin dig IS hosted by Vogue =)
I like her take on the runway look... She may have a reputation of being scary or mean but - hey - she knows her fashion =)

And finally, can I just throw in that quotes such as this is just one of the reasons Grace Coddington is amazing?
Dear Grace, Please be my friend?

Did you catch Met Gala?? Thoughts??

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