Monday, May 20, 2013

Miscellany Monday - Love Does

Well friends I hope you all had such a fabulous weekend!!!
Today is Monday which means its the day I can write like I think - in bullet points of randomness =)

*  I spent most of the weekend trying not to die of the plague that I managed to pick up somewhere.  Lucky for Jonathan I am not at ALL dramatic and I'm super tough and non-whiny when ill - said no one ever.  I may or may not have told him at least once that I thought I saw the light...
pray for my sweet man.

*  Y'all.  RUN - do not walk - Run like Forrest Gump style your nearest book store and get yourself a copy of this here book:

I don't even know what to say (I know... shocker!) to adequately sum of the awesome factor of this little gem!!  I have devoured it in the last couple days that I was deathly ill and may or may not have seen the light home with a bug and oh how it has fed my soul!  This man LOVES PEOPLE. I mean LOOOOVES people in such an extravegant yet authentiuc way that it make you want to do the same.
Bob (we're like on a first name basis now...OH!! Maybe I'll add him to my list of Pretend BFF's!!) has a simple but beautiful motto for life:

Love God. Love people. Do Stuff.

This is one of those books that I could underline or highlight the whole. thing. but since it is a borrowed book =) I'm taking notes and photos of pages that really get me...
(I seriously am concerned about the level of lazy that I have reached due to the fact that I find it easier to photograph then crop the pages with nuggets I want to keep instead of finding my journal and a pen - the tragedy!)
Here are a few...
(I hope they are legible... maybe if you click on them and make them bigger?  Sorry about that!)


Tell me -
Have you read Love Does? Heard Bob speak? I really just want to follow him around and soak up his stories =)

Happy week my friends!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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