Monday, May 13, 2013

Miscellany Monday - The Other Mothers...

In case you slept through yesterday,it was Mother's Day =)  I am apparently going for daughter of the year and didn't get our mother's gifts in the mail in time which made me AWFUL (And slightly more confident that I do, in fact, need an assistant.) Anywho, as I did some blogging this week for the fabulous shop where I work, I knew I wanted to write about Mother's Day but felt really led to address two 'other' groups of women who would celebrate Sunday...
the other mothers.
I wanted to share it here as well and pray that it touches you and also that it makes sense as we all know that my brain can flit around like an ADD housefly =)
Mother’s Day is such a precious holiday…
The day when the country pauses to celebrate and thank women everywhere for filling the vital roll of “mom”.  The value of thanking the woman who birthed you, raised you, and , God willing, continues to speak love and life into you is endless and I know we would all agree that there aren’t enough “Thank you’s” in the world to truly repay the sacrifices she’s made so willingly and endlessly over the years!  As we all wake up on Sunday and celebrate our mama’s, there are two other very special groups of “mom’s” that my heart is drawn to think about and pray for this week and weekend…
The first is the “stand in mom’s”The women who, though they didn’t actually grow you or bring you into the world, have willingly and eagerly stepped into a place of “Mama Bear” in your life.  Maybe your mom is miles and miles away, maybe the Lord called her home, or maybe it’s not a relationship that is healthy enough to be in your day to day life but, no matter the reason, the Lord has been faithful to bring a woman – or women – of faith, love, and wisdom to walk the road of life with you and not leave those “mom” needs unmet.  If that is you today and you have volunteered to be ‘mama’, we thank you and say to you that the role you have chosen to fill is vital, important, and is making a difference.  It is always impactful when we choose to extravagantly love another person… If you are desiring a woman to come alongside you in that way , know I am praying for you and asking that our Father – who is ALWAYS faithful – guides the most perfect woman into your life to meet every “Mom” need you have!
The second group of sweet mama hearts I feel so drawn to this week, are those who are waiting patiently for the Lord to make their dreams of becoming a mother a reality.  Maybe you have seen numerous Mother’s Day’s come and go since you began the journey to motherhood and the idea of another one passing you by sends the deepest of aches into your already hurting heart…. Or maybe you are just beginning the journey to being a mama and are haunted by the fears of “what ifs”.  In both cases,  I just want to say to you that He sees you and He hears you.  It is easy to doubt His love when we feel like He is ignoring our cries but – please hear me sweet friend – He never ignores us.  I a, praying that His presence wrap especially tightly around your tender heart this Sunday and that, for every ache of loss or emptiness, He meets that void with a surge of hope in the plan He has for you.
To ALL the Mama’s out there, the ones rocking babies or whose babies are heads of their own households, the ones who willingly fill the needs of love and advice to ‘adopted children’ whose mothers aren’t present, and the ones who are waiting for their babies to come home ….
Thank you for what you do, for praying faithfully and loving endlessly.
No one else can fill the role you do.

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