Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pinterest Round-Up

Hi, I'm Kristi and I have a slight Pinterest addiction.  

I know that I'm not alone in my addiction =) ....I sort of ebb and flow in how many days hours of my life I dedicate to the incessant pinning.
Sometimes I can handle myself and will not waste hour upon hour 
buuuut other days.... well....


So, to make me feel like a little less of a time waster, I thought:
"I'll share some of my new Pinterest finds with my bloggy friends!"
Then it's like I have a purpose.... 
"Honey, I'm not pinning aimlessly... I'm doing blog research."

Annnnnd here we go!

I have a thing for chocolate and sea salt as a combo... I mean it IS sort of heavenly =)
When I spotted this recipe I pinned it quicker than you can say 
"These would be worth the extra cardio."

While we're talking food and since we're also staring down summer, 
I couldn't resist pinning this recipe to try! 
 Boiled (pronounced 'bowl-ed' 'round these parts =)  ) Peanuts are practically a food group in the south...Can't wait to chow down!

I've mentioned before that I get to spend some of my days with the most precious of toddlers and - when I saw this and this - I knew that I'd found a HIT! 
It involves paint and ends with something that makes noise... win, win =)

I am absolutely addicted to this board....
It's a celebration of all things Southern and, therefore, has stolen my heart =)

To prove that I have a little depth of character, be inspired by these...

 And get a good ol' giggle from some souther hair humor...

 Alrighty... YOUR TURN! What are you pinning these days?

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