Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Great Moving Adventure of 2013


Sorry about that little unintentional sabbatical but apparently the local internet company didn't see the urgency in me being connected to the World Wide Web at our new apartment.  I tried to explain that I have 10's of people who depend on my nonsense in their lives but apparently the lady I was talking to wasn't one of them.


We have officially moved into our new home here in Nashville and - to be brief... I LOVE IT.  Since I'm sure you've been chewing your nails to the quik waiting for my return I'll catch you up real fast like and use photos =) You. Are. Welcome.

I spent a ton of time being useful. And posing awkwardly in my papa's old hard hat. Which was totally not useful =)

I took a little break mid week to hit one of our faaaaavorite watering holes in the Lowcountry and see some faces that I miss oh so much =)

I can't even tell you how much I love glancing around and being surrounded by pretty Carolina flags and what not.... I even treated myself to a new hat to hide the crazy that was my hair commemorate the move =)

I came across some photos that would clearly fall into the category of "The Awkward Years"
and went through four peoples lifetime worth of stuff from the attic.

I said goodbye to the best backyard in history

and the most amazing wallpaper to ever grace a wall.

On a more serious note... 
As ready as we were to move on to a new phase of life here in Nashville, selling the home was difficult for sure.  
This was the house my mom grew up in, where I had just about every one of my childhood birthday parties, where my growth chart was still prominently placed on a door frame, and even the house where Jonathan proposed.  I got ready for my senior prom in that bathroom and 99.9 % of my family memories take place on 6 Paula Drive.  I don't think I had a friend in my lifetime that didn't spend time at Nana's and I can still remember my sweet Papa staying up around the clock to keep the generator running after Hurricane Hugo.... It was home and leaving it was hard. Needless to say, I did shed a tear when it was time for the final walk through and, honestly, can't think on it too long or I may find myself crying now BUT it was time.  I'm glad to know a new family will have years of memories within those walls and I'm grateful we could get it all warmed up for them =)

Ok...moving on....

After a week of packing and going through stuff and questioning why anyone let me buy these:
Seriously. Who is gonna fess up to letting those happen?

We took a few awesome "in front of the UHaul" pics and hit the road =)

SOMEONE is obviously going for husband of the year because we ended up making a little pitstop at Ikea. Yea. He loves me.

The damage there was minor really and we rolled into Nashville late that night... Bright and early on Friday, we drug our half dead selves out of bed and began the final phase of The Great Move of 2013 - Moving into the new apartment!


We are still trying to unpack and get settled but I can feel the 'awesome' already settling in.  Once you can see the carpet and we buy a couch =) I'll share some photos!

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