Monday, June 3, 2013

Miscellany Monday - Me and my ombre nails are movin' on up...

Buckle up. Change is in the air for the Robinson's so I'm even shocking myself with the amount of ADD I have right now...

*  I am completely obsessed with this nail polish collection... Addicted times 100.
I may have to rock ombre nails looooong after they stop being cool.
And did you catch that it's only $3.99? 
As my sweet friend Jenn says - "Awesome Sauce!" (Hi Jenn!)

*  We are about to do this...

And, while I am stoked for a new place, moving about sends me into a panic.  Have I mentioned before I don't love change? Well. I don't love change.   I also don't like getting rid of things and being forced to face my hoarder tendencies. We'll officially be selling our home in Charleston and become for real, uber legit Nashvillians.  Once all your crap makes it to a new city I think it's fair to say you are officially a resident, right?

*  Since we are about to move into a slightly larger apartment - with a fireplace!! - I've been stalking Pinterest like a crazy person for inspiration... I apparently need to also be stalking it for a money tree cause we all know that being crafty queen ain't free.
If you have a sec, pop over and check out my
Home Inspiration Board...
I'd love feedback/suggestions/friends to call me down when I break into hives choosing paint colors...
(Seriously Jenn....Why do you live so far away...)

*  I need this to live in my closet.
In case you can't read it clearly it says
"Love God, Sweet Tea, and The SEC"..
Say it with me:
yes and amen.

Over and out friends =)

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  1. i can't believe you are officially selling your house! please let me know when you are here so i can see you before you officially move!!


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