Monday, April 15, 2013

Miscellany Monday Madness

Hellllllllooooo friends!  Happy Monday to you!  It's one of my fav blogging days  - Miscellany Monday! Link up below and hold on tight... Here comes my random thoughts...

I think I can officially declare this spring to the season where I let lavender nail polish dominate my life.  I was a little nervous that pastels are a smidgen too "Hi - I'm an Easter Egg" but I think I have found the two most perfect shades EV.ER.
Let me introduce you...
Are there other fabulous springy polishes I need to know about?? Don't leave out of the know!

I know that we established some time ago that I have a posse of fabulous (and fake) BFF's =)
I have decided to invite a new sassy lady love into my crew...
Oh Audrey... Is there any other woman on the planet who has managed to embody such elegance and class and - from what I imagine - still be a little sassy pants when needed? =)
(Side note - I seriously can't get over her fashion choice for walking her pup... I mean... Let's get real here... She looks more pulled together walking her dog than I do going to work.)
(One more side note - I want an occasion to wear long gloves!)

The pollen count here in Nashville is at approximately 4,631% - to be exact.  I didn't know that it was possible to want to claw out your own eyeballs.  Praise the Lord for the Walgreens allergy section because, otherwise....

And now I shall leave you with some humor and inspiration I stumbled across on the Pinterest this week =)

I just about spit out my Diet Coke when I read this ....

And this challenged my heart...

Your turn!
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  1. That Butter London color is one of my Favorites!! Besides my love for BL in general, Scoundrel is just so gorgeous.

  2. Just found your blog, LOVE~~ Char


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