Friday, April 12, 2013

Insta-Kristi Photo Dump

I, along with the rest of the free world, have a compete crush on all things Instagram! To be fair, I'm a little obsessed with all things social media and go though phases where I use The Tweeter
 like I'm getting paid for it! 
(To be clear.... I am not, in fact, getting paid for it)
(Also, yes, I know it's called Twitter but I like calling it The Tweeter...sorry for the fact that I'm sure that's annoying...)

I loooove reading other peoples Instagram photo dump posts and thought -
"Hey. Kristi. You should copy that idea!"

Soooooooo..... Here ya go! Some Instagram highlights from recent days =)
If you want to follow my hijinks in real time you can find the link to my Instagram on the right!

As I mentioned Monday, I'm a liiiiitle bit of a crazy football fangirl and so getting a new Carolina sticker for my car put me on cloud nine.... Or maybe I should say cloud 21 since that is the jersey number of my fav Gamecock =)
(Gooooo Marcus!)

The Lord hasn't brought any babies our way yet but he's given me the privilege of having a precious little one to practice on :) I like to put her in giant hairbows because - say it with me southern ladies - the bigger the bow the closer to God. ( Fairly sure that's not in the Bible but am positive its implied)

Sometimes I get bored in the car. This is the result. Jonathan loves it.

Finding the joy people....finding the joy... A sweet gift from a friend helps remind me :)

I. Miss. The. Water. Sometime around last August I reached the point where, if one more person told me the lake was the same as the ocean, I was going to have a full on Real Housewives of Somewhere level meltdown. The lake and I are working on our relationship though and I think, by this summer, I might be willing to even to dip my toes in the water without rolling my eyes.

Hushpuppies are my love language. End of story :)

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