Monday, November 24, 2008

Sometimes I wish I knew our neighbors a little better....

If I did then I would most certainly invite them to the daily show entitled "Kristi Trying to Get Out of the House". I couldn't help but laugh out loud to myself this morning as I sort of tumbled out of our door to the waiting day....It's a little Kramer-Like, my daily exit from our house. It always involves me (I know, duh.) , my giant purse, an equally large bag - o - random stuff, a lunch bag ( a very sofisticated lunch bag, may I add =) No My Little Pony here.... ) , and at least one sweatshirt/jacket/extra thing to cover myself with should the tempeture suddenly drop. My daily departure also tends to involve at least one, if not two, trips back into the house to get things I forgot/dropped/didn't know I needed.

I have to confess that I am not ALWAYS laughing at the tumbling act - like exit...sometimes it makes me grumpy...On THOSE mornings, I have to take a deep breath and work fervently to take every thought captive....It would also prove dangerous for anyone that I saw laughing at my sling shot start on those grumpy mornings. Just thought you should know that in case you ever make a showing.... =)

It often makes me think that I need a larger bag to hold all of my random stuff...I think that my need to carry my whole life with me daily is born out of some fear that I'll need something I don't have with me. It is also born out of slight laziness because once something has made it's way into the 'Everyday Bag' it may never see the light of day again....I don't clean it out often =) Keep in mind, will you, that I have NO CHILDREN!! Two bags, a purse, and a jacket or two and it's JUST ME!

It really is a shame that we aren't better friends with our neightbors...I should send them some popcorn and invite them to the 10 a.m. showing tomorrow....

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