Monday, November 17, 2008

My Priorities

I recently got a new email address....I had to in order for all of my emails to come right to my neat new phone that I got a month or so ago! ( I felt really cool and the stress of changing emails was worth it to feel really cool everytime my phone beeps that I have a new email....) dawned on me today that I have never changed my contact email at my bank or any of the other important places that use it to send me bills and things...

I did, however, make sure to change it on Facebook.


Oh well...priorities are way over rated =)

On another note, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. I love the holidays!! The music, decorations, food...what's not to love!!

I just hope that Santa, along with my bank, hasn't been trying to get me on my old email. At least he could have found me on Facebook....

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