Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So...I feel like I warned everyone(that really just means you Lysa since I haven't told anyone else!) adequetly that I may or may not stick with this whole blogging thing. I think I am teetering dangerously on proving my own point!! I almost couldn't remember my password!! That is always a bad sign....

It's not for lack of things that I think would be good to blog about....Sometimes I actually think up a whole blog in my head but can't ever seem to get it from there to here. I wish that I had one of those USB cords to connect my brain straight to the computer. That would work great!! I'm sure somewhere out there there is a sci-fi book to that effect...

A lot of the blogs I read are updated almost everyday!!! That really makes me feel like a blogger outcast =)

OK, none of these thoughts seem complete but I am just going to go ahead and publish this so that I can say I have updated my blog....I promise to keep up with it better!!!

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