Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have a what

OK...I have a blog.


What am I thinking?!?!

The whole blog world has become a fascination of mine - okay, let's be straight, an OBSESSION - of mine over the last few months. I kept making idle threats to my poor friends who would feel obligated to read it that I was going to write one...and look. at. that.

I have a blog.

Let's hope that I am not dreadfully boring or that I say stupid things. We'll see....It is totally possible that I will write this and never post again. I know that sounds defeatist but the penny whistle I can't play, the knitting that is DUSTY, and that bag of acrylic paints and canvases in my closet speak to a slight pattern on behavior in my life =) Sometimes, just sometimes, I begin things I don't complete.

It's not like I have anything earth shattering to write about on here either. Most peoples blogs that I have been reading have really cute children to post pictures of or are living thousands of miles from home and are keeping blogs about thier adventures.

Not that my life is boring....It is most certainly NOT boring =)

I guess if you (the people who simply stumbled upon this because I am not telling anyone about this just yet!) are at all interested in the thrilling-ness that IS my life, you'll stick around.

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